5 star ratingThe two gentlemen working there are extremely helpful. Considering the kind of business this is; compensation seems reasonable. Thanks Guys!

Dolly S. Avatar
Dolly S.

5 star ratinggood service gentleman by the name of ulises was great very helpful really knows his stuff i highly recommend the place and if you want information on electronicas hes the man ....i would give the place 10 stars but im only allowed 5

socal sally s. Avatar
socal sally s.

5 star ratingI liked this store. They were kind, even offering me a free refrigerated bottle of water while I was in the store. Caesar was super helpful. They were willing to negotiate on price and I bought a few things here. The shop was very clean. Merchandise was clean as well. I enjoyed visiting this location

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William B.

Coins & Currency

Coins and currency can be worth much more than their face value. If you have rare coins and currencies in your possession, you may be able to use these to access funds. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we provide cash payments, loans, and other pawn services to clients that possess rare coins and currencies.

We have the resources and expertise to provide a fair valuation for your coins and currencies. If you would like to speak to our team today about a valuation, sale, or loan, you can reach us at 909-460-7296.

Sell Rare Coins

If you want to sell rare coins, you need to choose a pawn store that can provide a fair price. Selling coins to inexperienced buyers can leave you without correct compensation. Fortunately, our team at So Cal Jewelry & Loan has the experience required to understand the value of rare coins.

If you want to receive a valuation for your coins, bring them to our pawn shop today. We can offer immediate payment for rare coins.

Sell Rare Currencies

It’s not just coins that have value – there are many other currencies that can also grow in value over time. If you have bills, bonds, and other rare currencies that you want to sell, we’re here to help. As with rare coins, we have the resources and expertise to quickly value currencies and provide you with a fair price.

Pawn Loans for Coins and Currencies

We can also provide pawn loans for coins and currencies. This means that you can borrow against the value of any rare currencies or coins that you have in your possession. This is a good resource if you want to access cash but still want the ability to retain your currencies or coins.

Why Choose So Cal Jewelry & Loan to Sell Coins and Currencies?

If you’re wondering why we’re a top choice for selling coins and currencies, explore some of our company features below:

• We can pawn coins from a wide range of sources – all around the globe.
• We have in-house experts that can provide accurate valuations.
• We offer quick access to cash to help you meet your financial needs.
• We’re a single source for all pawn broker services.
• We can offer cash payments, pawn loans, and more.
• We’re a long-term, trusted pawn brokerage.
• We offer better prices than other pawn shops.

If you have any questions about our company at So Cal Jewelry & Loan, make sure to call our office for more details.

Get Highest Price for Coins and Currencies Today!

At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we understand that you may need access to immediate funds. We make the sales process simple and discreet. We’ve helped countless individuals access the money they need by selling rare coins and currencies – and we can help you get the highest possible prices for your goods!

If you’re ready to sell rare currency or sell rare coins, it’s time to contact us at 909-460-7296 – we’re here to help you access cash!