5 star ratingThe two gentlemen working there are extremely helpful. Considering the kind of business this is; compensation seems reasonable. Thanks Guys!

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Dolly S.

5 star ratingI been a customer here for about 5 years now I always have a good day when I come here I had to pawn my chain a few times and I always get a good price on it anyway everybody here is so friendly good service never no BS with these guy's I highly recommend anybody to go there just go and check out the place it's aways clean and have the best pricing on everything in the store.
Thanks SoCal Pawn You Guys Have Always Been Good To Me.

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Jaya S.

5 star ratinggood service gentleman by the name of ulises was great very helpful really knows his stuff i highly recommend the place and if you want information on electronicas hes the man ....i would give the place 10 stars but im only allowed 5

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socal sally s.


If you want to sell collectibles to a pawn store that offers high prices, So Cal Jewelry & Loan can help. We can purchase a wide range of collectibles, from baseball cards to rare coins. We understand how to provide fair values – we have in-house experts that can assess the market value of your products.

If you want to speak to our team about selling collectibles today, please dial 909-460-7296 now.

Pawn Collectibles Today

Whether you have rare coins, baseball cards, signed memorabilia, comic books, or any other type of collectibles, we can provide pawn services. We’re happy to offer cash payments or secured loans in exchange for collectibles.

Our ability to sell rare collectibles is one of the many reasons that we’re able to offer high prices to our clients. We’re here to help you access the money you need – our services are quick and discreet!

Coin Collectables We Can Buy

At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we’re a pawn shop that can purchase collectible coins of high value. While we can purchase ancient coins, we also specialize in purchasing rare American coins. Let’s explore some popular U.S. coins we can purchase below:


Below, let’s explore some of the rare quarters that we purchase from our clients:
• Bust
• Barber
• Seated Liberty
• Standing Liberty
• Washington


Below, let’s explore some of the rare dollar coins that we purchase from our clients:
• Morgan Silver Dollar
• Presidential
• Silver Eagle
• Peace Dollar
• Eisenhower
• Seated Liberty
• Sacagawea
• Trade


Below, let’s explore some of the rare dimes that we purchase from our clients:
• Bust
• Seated Liberty
• Mercury Dime
• Barber
• Roosevelt


Below, let’s explore some of the rare nickels that we purchase from our clients:
• Buffalo
• Shield
• Liberty
• Jefferson
• Westward Journey


Below, let’s explore some of the rare pennies that we purchase from our clients:
• Large
• Indian Head
• Lincoln Head
• Bicentennial
• Flying Eagle

Pawn Loans for Collectibles

If you want to access a secured loan, then we can use the value of your collectibles as collateral. While many of our clients are seeking to sell their collectibles, we’re more than happy to provide secured financing instead. This is an excellent way to access short-term cash – once you pay back your loan, you can retain your collectibles.

Why Choose So Cal Jewelry & Loan?

If you’re wondering why we’re better than other pawn shops in California, check out the features below:
• We can purchase a wide range of collectibles – including coins and more.
• We have the resources to value collectibles correctly.
• We can provide cash payments for collectibles.
• We also offer secured loans for collectibles.
• We make the pawn service process quick and discreet.
• We have years of industry experience.

Get High Prices for Collectibles Today

If you want to speak to a pawn broker about selling or pawning collectibles in California, there’s only one team to call – So Cal Jewelry & Loan. We’re here to make accessing cash as simple and pain-free as possible. You can reach our team today by dialing 909-460-7296 – we’re always ready to help.