5 star ratingI liked this store. They were kind, even offering me a free refrigerated bottle of water while I was in the store. Caesar was super helpful. They were willing to negotiate on price and I bought a few things here. The shop was very clean. Merchandise was clean as well. I enjoyed visiting this location
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If you need quick cash, selling or pawning electronics is one of the best solutions. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we buy and loan on high-value electronics. Our friendly staff members will give you top dollar for your electronics and excellent customer service.

If you would like to speak to our electronics team at So Cal Jewelry & Loan, you can call our office now at 909-460-7296.

Our Electronics Pawn Services

At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we can provide pawn services to clients with electronics. We use our in-house experts to value your electronics and offer cash and loan solutions. We enjoy purchasing high-value electronics from some of the world’s leading brands.

Below, check out the brands that we typically purchase from our clients:
• Sony
• LG
• Samsung
• Toshiba
• Sharp
• Vizio
• HP
• Dell
• Acer
• Toshiba
• Apple

We Accept:
• Cameras
• Bluetooth Speakers
• TVs
• Laptops

If you don’t see the type of electronics you own on the above list, don’t worry – we can still help. Call us today if you want to ask about the eligibility of your electronics. Alternatively, you can bring your electronics in store.