5 star ratingI liked this store. They were kind, even offering me a free refrigerated bottle of water while I was in the store. Caesar was super helpful. They were willing to negotiate on price and I bought a few things here. The shop was very clean. Merchandise was clean as well. I enjoyed visiting this location

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William B.

Musical Instruments

Selling or pawning musical instruments at So Cal Jewelry & Loan can help you access the cash flow you need.

Instruments We Accept

• Saxophones
• Clarinets
• Flutes
• Trumpets
• String Instruments
• Drums
• Keyboards
• Guitars
• Guitar Amps
• Speaker Cabinets
• Powered Speakers
• Effect Pedals
• Microphones
• Mixers
• Accordions
• Cymbals
• Some Dj Equipment

Don't worry if you do not see your musical instrument on the above list, feel free to call ahead if you want to ensure that we can accept your instrument. Alternatively, you can bring your musical instrument in store.