5 star ratingThis place is awesome we go there all the time they literally have all you can think of and prices are great, I recomend it, love the staff all those guys are great and friendly. Great place.

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Tania G.

5 star ratingI've never been to a pawnshop with grade A friendly and helpful employees. I've been to many but I never had such a great first experience, not even at a retailer. I highly recommend this place for anyone pawning, specially buying. You will get a great deal you won't be disappointed.

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Imakuni S.

5 star ratingThe two gentlemen working there are extremely helpful. Considering the kind of business this is; compensation seems reasonable. Thanks Guys!

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Dolly S.

Sporting Goods

If you need cash quickly, selling or pawning sporting goods is an excellent way to access funds. Bicycles, skis, surfboards, and a variety of other sporting goods can demand a high price if you find the correct buyer. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we purchase sporting goods from a wide range of clients in California.

If you would like to sell sporting goods or receive a pawn loan for sporting goods, you can reach our team at 909-460-7296.

Sell Sporting Goods

At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we can purchase a variety of sporting goods from our clients. We understand that cash flow issues can often result in the need for a quick sale, so we prioritize making the process simple and stress-free.

Our in-house sporting goods team will inspect your items, provide a valuation, and make an offer depending on the condition and value of each sporting piece. With years of experience purchasing sporting goods from our clients, we understand how to provide the best possible prices – we’re here to help you access the cash you need.

Let’s explore some sporting goods we can buy:

Fishing Gear

• Fishing poles
• Deep sea fishing equipment
• Fishing lures
• Scaling Equipment
• Tackles boxes
• Fishing tackle
• Fishing reels
• More

Hunting Gear

• Archery equipment
• Scopes
• Hunting clothing
• Hunting accessories
• Other hunting equipment
• More

Sports Gear

• Basketballs
• Baseball bats
• Baseball mitts
• Footballs
• Soccer balls
• Team sport training equipment
• More

Other Sporting Goods

• Hiking equipment
• Remote control cars and helicopters
• Telescopes
• More

Sporting Goods Pawn Loans

If you’re searching for a pawn broker that can offer secured loans, we’re here to help. We can use your sporting goods as collateral to provide you with quick loans. Many of our loans can be processed in as little as ten minutes, which means it’s never been easier to access the money that you need now.

Simply bring your sporting goods to So Cal Jewelry & Loan to begin the process of accessing a secured loan. We’ll inspect your items and let you know how much credit we’re willing to extend. Our discreet lending process ensures that your privacy is protected.

Quick Cash for Sporting Goods

If you want access to quick cash, you need to choose a pawn shop that can provide immediate payments. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we understand that many of our clients need immediate access to money. We make quick sales simple and discreet.

If you’re ready to sell sporting goods, visit our pawn store to receive a valuation and offer.

Why Choose So Cal Jewelry & Loan?

There are many reasons that our clients choose us instead of other pawn shops. Check them out below:

• We can purchase a wide range of sporting goods.
• We offer pawn loans for sporting goods.
• We provide fair prices to our clients.
• We can provide immediate payment to clients that require quick cash.
• Our sporting goods experts can value your products quickly.

If you would like to learn more about So Cal Jewelry & Loan or any of our pawn services, feel free to reach out to our team.

Call Today to Sell Sporting Goods at High Prices

No matter what type of sporting goods you’re hoping to sell, our team at So Cal Jewelry & Loan can help. We’re always ready to purchase canoes, bikes, skateboards, skis, snowboards, and more.

If you’re ready to speak to a pawn service about a cash sale or a pawn loan, please call 909-460-7296.