5 star ratingI've never been to a pawnshop with grade A friendly and helpful employees. I've been to many but I never had such a great first experience, not even at a retailer. I highly recommend this place for anyone pawning, specially buying. You will get a great deal you won't be disappointed.

Imakuni S. Avatar
Imakuni S.

5 star ratinggood service gentleman by the name of ulises was great very helpful really knows his stuff i highly recommend the place and if you want information on electronicas hes the man ....i would give the place 10 stars but im only allowed 5

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socal sally s.

5 star ratingI liked this store. They were kind, even offering me a free refrigerated bottle of water while I was in the store. Caesar was super helpful. They were willing to negotiate on price and I bought a few things here. The shop was very clean. Merchandise was clean as well. I enjoyed visiting this location

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William B.


If you want to sell or pawn tools, it’s critical to choose a pawn store that can provide quick and reliable services. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we have years of experience helping our clients turn tools into money. Whether you need a loan or a cash payment, our pawn services are here to help.

You can reach our pawn shop today by dialing 909-460-7296. Unlike other pawn shops, we’re focused on discreet sales and friendly customer service!

Tools You Can Sell and Pawn

If you’re wondering if you can sell or pawn your tools at So Cal Jewelry & Loan, check out the types of tools we work with below:

• Power drills
• Blowers
• Planers
• Power saws
• Jackhammers
• Grinders
• Tool Boxes
• More


• Drill bits
• Concrete drills
• Impact drills
• Cordless drills
• More

Hand Tools

• Knives
• Hand saws
• Pouches
• Hammers
• Pliers
• Wrenches
• More


• Jigsaws
• Pole saws
• Table saws
• Cut-off saws
• More

Nail Tools

• Roofing nail gun
• Finishing nail gun

If you don’t see the tools you need to sell on the above lists, don’t worry – we can likely still buy them. Call our office at So Cal Jewelry & Loan if you have any questions.

Accessing Pawn Loans for Tools

If you need money now but you don’t want to sell your tools, you can use them as collateral. This means that we can secure a loan against the value of your tools. This is a great way to tap into the value of your tools without having to sell them.

Selling Tools Quickly

If you need money now, you can’t wait to find a serious buyer for your tools. Many tools are items that can only be used by skilled tradespeople, which means they can be difficult to sell in a hurry. At So Cal Jewelry & Loan, we can sell and pawn tools quickly, as we have the resources we need to sell your items to our customers.

If you’re in urgent need of cash flow, there’s no better partner than So Cal Jewelry & Loan.

Why Choose So Cal Jewelry & Loan?

If you want to sell your tools to a pawn broker, but you’re unsure which one to choose, check out the features that make us the best option in California:

• We have years of experience purchasing tools.
• We can provide pawn loans in exchange for tools.
• We offer quick loan approvals.
• We offer better prices for tools than many other pawn shops.
• We offer a discreet selling process that protects your privacy.
• We can work with you to help you access the money you need.

Sell or Pawn Tools for a High Price Today!

If you want to use your tools to gain access to money quickly, then it’s time to come to our pawn store at So Cal Jewelry & Loan. We’re eager to help you access the cash flow you need to meet your financial obligations. Our team will work with you to use your tools to access funds.

You can reach our pawn shop by dialing 909-460-7296 now.